Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!!!!

High Flying Flag - December 2007 - Hollywood, Florida

Today I woke up at 6:30 giddy with excitement. "IT'S ELECTION DAY!" I excitedly exclaimed to my husband as I threw back the covers, threw off my clothes, and hopped into the shower. His hearty laugh at my childlike excitement echoed through the house, but he stayed put on the couch watching the DVR'd Racheal Maddow Show from last night and savoring his steamy oatmeal. "It is not a day like any other day!" I fought to keep from shouting.

We went through our morning motions of showering and dressing. He laughed that hearty laugh again as he watched me try on three different tailored jackets over my black long-sleeved cotton t-shirt and dark wash skinny jeans before settling on the neutral velvety olive green two-button. "After two long years the big day is finally here! Aren't you excited, Hunny?" I asked eagerly. "I love you <3" he replied as he kissed my head on his way out the bedroom door.

At 6:55, all bundled up, we crossed the street to the middle school, our polling place. "Chilly, but what a beautiful day for voting." I thought to myself. Once inside we were faced with a looping line. "Good to know people are coming out to vote." Mr. B&B and I commented. There were people with children and people with dogs, brown people and black people and yellow people and white people, young people and old people and somewhere in between people, there were poll workers walking up and down the line in case people wanted to be sure they were registered and to help elderly voters or others with physical ailments go straight to the front of the line. It was civilized. It was community. It was democracy at work.

After 30 minutes of waiting in line, we had our ballots in hand. 2 minutes later 2 booths opened up. 5 minutes later our ballots were filled out. 5 minutes later our addresses were checked and our ballots were cast. Once safely out of the gymnasium and into the hallway I clapped my hands with glee, "We voted! Yippee!" I said, embracing my husband and giving him a peck on the cheek. "Awfully excited about voting, eh?" the woman manning the bake sale table said with a smile. "Yes. I can't possibly be the only one..." I replied. "Is it your first time?" she asked. "No. I am 27." I informed her. "But you look so young..." "We'll take the Banana Bread." my husband with the tummy full of oatmeal decided. Our civic duty (both voting and buying banana bread to benefit the PTA) done, we crossed the street back home.

"We've earned our right to complain." Mr. B&B said. "We've done our civic duty. Our votes count. We've exercised our right. Our democracy is intact." I replied. Holding hands, leaves crunching under our feet, smiles on our faces, we slowly made our way home. Upon arrival, I called my parents and Mr. B&B called his. "We voted!" we proudly spoke into each of our phones respectively.

Today, no matter who you choose to vote for, please go to the polls and exercise your right to vote.

Bring your spouse, your children, your pets. Especially, bring your children if you can. I remember my parents bringing me to the polls when I was little and letting me fill out the circles on the ballot to their specifications and I still go to the polls, but now I get to fill out the ballot to my specifications.

Today, no matter who you choose to vote for, please go to the polls and exercise your right to vote.

The people are friendly. You might even reconnect with neighbors you haven't seen in awhile or make friends with neighbors you never would have met otherwise.

Today, no matter who you choose to vote for, please go to the polls and exercise your right to vote.

The lines move quickly and are worth waiting in if only for that exuberant, sweet, proud feeling that comes after you have cast your ballot.

Today, no matter who you choose to vote for, please go to the polls and exercise your right to vote.

Do your civic duty. Make your vote count. Exercise your right. Keep our democracy in intact.

Happy Election Day!

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