Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mr. Nielson Gives Thanks

View Christian's message on YouTube here.

*Photo and writing on photo by Stephanie Nielson*

On the off chance that you ever happen upon my blog, Mr. Nielson, Thank You <3

Your love for Nie inspires my husband and I to always make time for each other, to listen, to be silly together, to always keep our love alive.

Your rejoicing in your children, being there for them, allowing them to be who they are, sharing your sense of fun with them... If my husband and I are blessed with children, I hope we can take a cue from you.

Your love and appreciation for your parents, siblings, and entire extended family is remarkable. Your example has caused me to reach out to members of my family in a way I never have before.

Your faith is awesome. Though I am not Mormon, I do have faith. I have always tried to live according to His example, but I am beginning to be aware of how much more I can do. I am more attuned to His call and more inclined to answer it.

I know that I am not the only one whom you have touched through Nie's blog and through your incredible strength and grace in the wake of the accident and on your path to recovery.

As I watched your video I cried happy tears and kept thinking, "This is beautiful, Mr. Nielson, but it is we who should be thanking you."

Thank you, Mr. Nielson, and Happy Thanksgiving!

*All images courtesy of Nie's blog*

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