Friday, February 27, 2009

Premature Spring

It is so lovely here today. I want to put on a sundress and a sweet pair of shoes and frolic. Then I remember it is the end February and if I dress that way I am probably in for a nasty cold when the weather turns chilly again as I have no doubt it will and soon. So I pair jeans with a tank and purple button down and throw on a pair of blue and green sneakers. A cautiously optimistic compromise.

I did turn off the heat and open the front door for some fresh air. I think I am going to head out to the front porch for painting "al fresco" Gotta seize the loveliness while it lasts.

Spring is on the way!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cat Bath

Almost four years ago, my husband and I adopted a cat named Iris from The Buddy Dog Humane Society. She has been a welcome addition to our home. She is generally quiet and easily pleased. Sleeping, petting, and sometimes being held are at the top of her list of favorites. Tooth brushing and nail clipping are low on her list.

There is one apparent oddity. She follows me into the bathroom no matter what I am doing in there. No matter where she is or what she is doing, no matter how deeply asleep she is, the second my hand touches the bathroom doorknob you here her kerplunk off the bed or the couch and pitter patter straight to the bathroom. She never follows Mr. B&B. Sometimes if she isn't sure which one of us is in there, she'll peek in and if it is Mr. B&B she just passes right on by. This is endlessly hilarious to Mr.B&B.

We have decided that she just knows the "girl code" as Mr. B&B calls it. What is the "Girl Code", you ask? "Friends must go to the bathroom in pairs or packs if they are in the same place at the same time."

Do you have pets? If so, any apparent oddities to share?

Silent Cooperation

Walking to class yesterday I came to a crosswalk where one person was waiting to cross. The walk light had not come on when I arrived at the crosswalk but I peered around the bus parked there to see if any cars were coming. The person who had been waiting followed suit and we crossed together. Silent cooperation.

My class ended early yesterday, but a few of us stuck around to continue our discussion about the film we watched. Slowly people filtered out until it was just me, the professor, and one other student. As I silently moved toward the door to leave, both of them followed me out of the classroom, down the stairs, and into the open air where we each went our separate ways. Silent cooperation.

Near the station where I pick up the bus to go home there are two crosswalks mere feet from each other at a very large three way intersection. Big groups of people were waiting at both of them when I arrived. The people at the other intersection began crossing and the group I was standing in followed suit. Silent cooperation.

Human nature is fascinating.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I miss Mr. B&B
Last week he was in Colorado for 3 days.
This week he has been in New Mexico since Sunday and will not return until Saturday.

When he is away, I have nightmares.

Last week I dreamed of a couple coming into our house to steal things while I was sleeping. In my dream, I woke up, asked what they were doing, and told them all they had to do was ask for those things on Freecycle and I would be happy to give them to them.

Last night I dreamed I was in the supermarket and a guy fell to the floor. I thought he was having a heart attack and cried out. A guy at the end of the aisle came presumably to help, but it turned out he had a gun with a silencer and had just shot the guy I thought was having a heart attack. He tried to attack me and as I was struggling with him, I woke up.

I like to think I do o.k. when I am alone. I am a 27 year old grown-up. But my dreams betray me.

How do you feel about being alone for any period of time?

Final Cape Cod Post

Ann and David of The Shady Hollow Inn also sent us to Crowes Pasture in Dennis to walk the path through the woods to the ocean. It was glorious to reach the dunes and only hear the ocean before stepping over them to see it. Amazing.

Cape Cod - Part 4 - Parnassus Book Service , Yarmoth Port

We lived fairly close to the Cape when I was a little girl. We went often and stopped at Parnassus Book Service near every time. It is charming and the owner is kind and helpful. You walk in only to be surrounded by stacks and stacks of books shelved to the ceiling, in crates on the floor, and in the backroom if you are brave enough to peek. If you are there before or after hours, you can still shop. On the side of the building under the green awnings you will find paperbacks for a dollar and hardbacks as marked. Pick your treasures, slip the appropriate amount of money under the front door, and be on your way.

The Back Room

Cape Cod - Part 3 - Keveney Lane, Yarmouth Port

Though we have been to the Cape on many occasions, Anne and David of The Shady Hollow Inn helped us to see it in a new way. One of the hidden gems they sent us to explore was the Keveney Lane/Mill Lane loop in Yarmouth Port. It is a small section where old Cape Cod has been preserved. There are large homes and a little bridge that goes over Hallets Mill Pond which runs to the nearby ocean.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cape Cod - Part 2.9 - Fav. Antique

I fell in love with this French Style Chest and all its drawers and nooks and crannies. It was even ON SALE, but Mr. B&B said it would have to wait until another day.

Cape Cod - Part 2.4 - Antiquing

Building 4 - The Final Frontier:

Cape Cod - Part 2.2 - Antiquing

Building Two:

This bird cage on wheels made me think of Melissa

Mr. B&B and I both wanted to take this home, love it up, & put it in our laundry area

Cape Cod - Part Two - Antiquing

Our first afternoon was spent at The Antique Center of Cape Cod. There are four buildings, but we couldn't find number three. One, Two, and Four were incredible! I picked out some vintage postcards, but the big ticket items will have to wait. Taking photos (147 to be exact) of the beautiful fascinations was quite the treat.

Building One: