Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Dress

Ok, I haven't written about Thanksgiving yet, but I will...

After I ask for a little advice.

Every year since my birth my mother has made sure I have a new dress or outfit, but usually I pick a dress, for Christmas. Yesterday I received a check in the amount of $105.00, Thank You Most Generous Mother, to purchase said dress or outfit.

This morning I have been perusing Anthropologie's website and can not choose between this amazing frock for $99.95:

OR this combo:

Farose Wide-Legs and Eastern Rays V-Neck

OR this combo:

Millicent Blouse with Light Field Skirt

OR this combo:

Inamorata Blouse with Midnight Theater Skirt

Help! I am open to other suggestions. and while you are checking these things out, do a little shopping for yourself, even if it is just "fantasy shopping"!

It is the season of giving... I might pick up a little something to giveaway right on this here blog to one helpful reader while I'm at the checkout ;-)

Thank you :-) and No, I do not get kickbacks from Anthro ;-)


  1. I love the dress! Love the Midnight Theatre skirt, too. Eastern Rays V-Neck is dry clean only which would dissuade me, but I'm all about ease of care. I can see you in the Millicent blouse + field skirt! OK, that was very incoherent. Now I have to go check out Anthropologie's website to see what other cute things they have. I'll report back!

  2. I like the midnight theater skirt but not the shirts. The dress is cute too...the4 skirt is more versatile though

  3. I like the dress or the midnight skirt/white shirt (last combo) - pants will be too long - no offense! :) let's get dinner soon... you & Brad should come to my mom's on Christmas Eve... xo

  4. I like the dress.


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