Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Argyle tights across a crowded bus

She is obvious on the busy bus
All red hair on green dress
All argyle tights and ballet flats with bows on the toes
She crosses her legs at the ankle
Plugs into her iPod
Lolls her head back against the window
Closes her eyes
Effectively shutting out the world

She is striking in her simplicity
Strategically placed bobby pins
Hold pin straight hair
Off her face
Exposing a clear complexion
Contrary to her freckled hands

She has forgotten to zip the satchel on her lap
Brown leather on tan linen
Lays open its bruised purple lining
Threatening to explode
all the secrets
stored inside

She hears the announcement
“Kimble Road”
uttered by the impersonal electronic lady
and rises up
Her green dress falling to her knees
Her red hair filling the hood
lying lazily against her back

In profile
She is fragile
Soft of face
Slight of frame
Slim freckled fingers worrying silver necklace
As she slips safely through the crowd
Sliding out the doors
Into wide open spaces

1 comment:

  1. Do you ever wonder what these people are listening to on the IPods?

    They could be listening to the top 40 or they could be listening to repeating assertions like "I will succeed" "Life is good" or maybe they are just quietly analyzing the latest Mozart concerto.


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