Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meme Express - Love Calls

Me - A Glimpse at my Inner Child

Whom do you love?
My Husband, Myself, our cat, our many friends and their children, Mom, Dad, Brother Timothy, Sisters Elizabeth and Sarah and their spouses, 2 nieces Lily and Marielle, 5 nephews Jake and Cary and Jackson and Noah and Aaron, my grandparents (all 6 of them), my too numerous to mention by name aunts and uncles and cousins, my in-laws, my parents' dog Crocket, my in-laws' cat Callie, all my "friends" in the blogger world who brighten every day, the family I babysit for.

My Husband Practicing Future Fathering Skills on our Friends' Baby

When did you last say so?
I am saying so now. I say so as often as possible, but I also believe it is important to show your love through your actions as well.

Read lyrics and see YouTube video of More Than Words by Extreme here.

Mom, Dad, Me, and Timothy

Is today the day to call someone you love? Every day is a day to call someone you love. I have really been missing my sister Sarah and her family though. Today is Sarah's day for a phone call or email.

Grampy and...


Grandma and Poppa

Grandpa and...


What is the best way to affirm the ones you love? Listen attentively to what they have to say. Give them your time and undivided attention whether through getting together, talking on the phone, sending a letter or email, or any other means.

In-Laws. Father, Husband, Sister, Mother, Brother.

How has someone best expressed heartfelt love to you? Not in one grand gesture, but in a zillion little ways all the time.

Friends. Tanya and Greg...

Tim, Irma, Brian, Nicole...

Erin and Andy.

Looking for writing prompts? Visit Meme Express.

Crocket the pampered plot hound from Texas when she first arrived and...

more recently. She writes her own column for My Backyard Newspaper here.

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