Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WedNieNie'sDay - #2

This week I am grateful for:

A Good Cry. I had one on Monday night. Crying so hard I was shaking. Crying so loud the cat hid under the bed. Crying so long I gave myself a headache. When it was over, the headache subsided and I felt so good. I am a woman of words, but sometimes a good cry can be even more expressive.

Billy Elliot. I watched this movie from beginning to end for the first time this week. It is about a boy who is taking boxing lessons at his father's request, but he really loves to dance. It is a story about family, staying true to yourself, listening to your heart, and following your dreams and seeing them to fruition no matter what. Positive and inspirational without being hokey. Also, wonderful to watch a movie about a boy's coming of age because they seem so few and far between.

Internship Training. I can not say enough about this. Training was 5-9 on Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. I met the women of Teen Voices Magazine, the other Editorial Mentors, and heard the stories of teen girls who have participated in the program. It was uplifting and educational and has me all fired up for the experience. I want to do all I can to live up to this enormous responsibility and to open myself up to whatever the experience brings. It was a long evening and Saturday of training, but I loved and am grateful for every minute.

Volunteer Opportunity. Over the summer I applied to volunteer at Perkins School for the Blind. Today I heard from them and next week I go in for an interview. The minimum commitment is two hours a week for six months. I hope to be offered the opportunity to give of myself and to use the gifts I have been given. At the very least, I am grateful for the opportunity to interview.

Kid-isms. I put on my "nanny hat" twice this week and the kids are just so insightful and honest and funny. The oldest will be five in November (Didn't you just love being five!?!?) and his awareness of things is really beginning to broaden which means one never knows what he is going to say. He is the ring bearer in a wedding this coming weekend and told me all about how he is going to carry the pillow with the rings on it down the aisle and then he is going to eat chicken and shake his bum all night long in his shiny dancing shoes. Cracks me up! The youngest is 17 months and her personality is really emerging. She giggles at everything and, because her vocabulary is still limited, her body does a lot of the talking. When she is impatient she screws up her face and stomps her feet. When she wants to be upside down or see something that is behind her she arches her back and hangs her head behind her. She knows how to say "all done", but sometimes she will just put her hand in front of her face or wave her hands in front of the object and shake her head no. So ingenious and so funny.

Frozen Berries. Three words: yummy, yummy, yummy. Some how berries manage to taste better frozen. Maybe it is because we have to slow down and bite carefully or suck on it for a long time and that heightens our sense of taste. Anyway, I can't get enough.

Chrysanthemums. Fall is here! Mums produce so many flowers and they come in so many colors. Luscious! Up close there are so many tiny petals making up each blossom. Miraculous! At my local farm they also come in hanging baskets. Opulent! Mr. BrainyandBeautiful (Mr.B&B) is on a business trip, but when he returns I think a trip to the farm for mums and other fall fun is in order.

Business Trips. I am always sad to see Mr.B&B head off to intriguing destinations all over the country, but I am grateful for these trips as well. I am grateful that his employer trusts him and values him highly enough to send him off to get more training and to represent them and to return to teach others what he has learned. I am all for him taking every opportunity he is afforded. He is so supportive of me and when I have to opportunity to give that support back I do.

Why else am I grateful for business trips? On the selfish side, I must admit, every once in awhile it is nice to clean as I wish and keep it that way, have full control of the t.v. remote, and put toasted bread with peanut butter and sliced apples on a plate and call it dinner.

This week Mr. B&B is somewhere in California. So, Californian readers, if you see a tall guy with startling green eyes wearing a Boston Celtics hat wandering your city, say hello and give him a hug from Mrs. B&B and let him know he is missed.

North End, Boston. I love all of Boston, but I find this part of the city particularly magical. On Saturday Mr. B&B and I treated ourselves to a stroll through this Italian neighborhood. There is always great people watching and Mr. B&B is always thrilled when the occasional Ferrari or Porsche passes by. Open air dining, amazing aromas, gardens on terraces, musicians walking the streets playing accordions, watching cobblers fix shoes through the windows, Italian groceries, are just some of what contributes to the magic. My favorite restaurant is La Famiglia Giorgios. Saturday we ate at Bella Vista on Hanover Street which came in a close second. It was a wonderful break in our very busy schedules during which we enjoyed great conversation and uninterrupted hand holding in an always magical place.

As far as NieNie and Christian, CJane reports that they continue to improve. Slow and steady wins the race. Please continue to think of and pray for them.

Prayers and positivity to Nie and Christian & family.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite <3


  1. Brainy and of course beautiful,
    Mr K1 teacher and I are heading out to Stow this weekend to go apple picking and have some fall fun of our own. Would you and Mr B&B like to join us?

    On a more serious note, what happened that you made cry so violently? I know a good cry has its place. But, still, what brought it on? (Perhaps this discussion occurs in another medium). Im glad it felt better afterwards but I hope the reasons that brought you to that emotional state have gotten better. Im assuming by your description that it wasnt happy tears...

    Im so glad to hear about your training and that it went well and that you feel inspired. I think it is wonderful and cant wait to hear about it.

    I disagree with you on the frozen berries. I feel like it minimizes their taste and texture, converts them into a foreign substance. I like my berries warm from the sun and squishy, and so ripe that they are nearly bursting with their juices.

    Have you been to grezzo in the North End? Mr K1 teacher and I went there to celebrate my birthday and it was amazing. All raw, all vegan. I cant rave about it enough here, but it was romantic and delicious. Mmmmm.

    Kudos and love

  2. Love the optimism in here. I too lOvE frozen berries! They just don't stay vine ripe enough to satiate my cravings.


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