Sunday, October 12, 2008

James Tate

James Tate is a poet we studied in my poetry class last week. As an exercise, we used Tate's The Wrong Way Home as inspiration for a five minute writing exercise.

The fruits of my five minute labor:

All morning a kite flew toward the sun.
It tried to forget the stillness waiting below,
the basements and backseats in which it was stuck
passing time 'til others brought it to life,
whooping & hollering, unraveling its lines
running and whooping & hollering 'til the
wind ran out of their sails,
the kite barely hovering above the land
it would inevitably be dragged across,
The kite was a frame of idealized images
that fade
with time,
a frame of reference
set free
to burn.

Amazing how much can be accomplished in five minutes. Let me know what you might accomplish in five minutes! So much possibility...

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  1. I couldn't find an email address so I needed to post here, I saw you on the cjane site. I had posted a comment this morning and then read all the others for today. I read yours and saw that you had signed off exactly like me. I did not want you to think that I had copied you...then I came to your site and saw you are in MA ME TOO! So funny, isn't Courtneys blog amazing. I have been following it by happenstance since August 18th....I am so in love with that family. Anyway, I could go on and on ,but will close here. I just wanted to say hello and explain my concern! Have a great day! ~Donna


Have a Brainy and Beautiful Day! Love reading all the Brainy and Beautiful Things you say <3