Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I must begin by saying that I have never liked Halloween. It is my mother's least favorite holiday and I presume her distaste for it wore off on me. I don't even really remember any specific costumes I wore as a child. The only strong memory of Halloween I have is an embarrassing one. How embarrassing? Let me just say, Halloween Parade, elementary school, blue dress, busted zipper. It's too horrible to relive in complete sentences. I have never liked Halloween, but that changed this year.

This year I was virtually introduced to a blogger who goes by the name of NieNie and is the biggest fan of Halloween I have ever encountered, virtually or otherwise. NieNie finds the magic in every moment and I have begun to do so as well. Right now she is in the hospital recovering from burns over 83% of her body and patiently waiting for skin grafts to help her body heal. So, I decided to give Halloween a second chance and do some celebrating for her. This year I put pumpkins on each of the three steps leading up to my front porch, made and hung black and orange paper chains with ghosties hanging from the links on my front porch, put gourds along the porch railing, and hung tri-colored corncobs on my front door (Mr. B&B helped with that). For the first time since I have lived on my own, I will be welcoming trick-or-treaters onto my front porch and greeting them in my self-made Boston Celtics Cheerleader costume. Yes, Halloween, I am all in.

I am even wearing my self-made Boston Celtics Cheerleader costume to the Boston Celtics Game this evening. Yes, 27 years old and going out in public in sparkly tights, a mini-skirt, a body hugging Celtics shirt, make-up on my face, and all kinds of green ribbons in my super-high ponytail. Maybe not ridiculously original, but it's a step in the right direction.

NieNie, thanks for inspiring me and helping me find and make fun and magic in the every day.

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  1. Halloween, my house, circa 8th grade. You- cleopatra. Me- ridiculous gypsy costume that was also self made. Me-bad karaoke. Kitchen in the basement that became my room a year later. Star. Other cumberlandites.

    Have fun. I dressed up today for the kids and then MrK1 and I are going out tonight to a party and the theme is "regional stereotypes".

    Yes, when we bought our house someone said that we hadnt lived here until we lived through all the seasons and holidays.

    What is in your candy bowl?


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