Monday, April 13, 2009


The above is our joint Easter goodie bag from Mr. B&B's parents. Yes, I broke into the Peeps and all their sugary gooey outrageousness already.

We had a very relaxed, grown-up Easter this year. We got to my parent's house early. I prepared vegan pancakes which hubby and dad ate and tofu scramble which people just looked at curiously. The dog tried the tofu, but spit it out after licking the yummy peanut sauce off of it. Then my dad made omelets and bacon for my brother and husband. We hung around and talked current and life events. Mom and I put together Easter baskets. I sliced vegis for dipping and fruit for fruit salad. We all ate some more. Mid-afternoon brought pork tenderloin, potato salad, fruit salad, and macaroni salad for the omnivores and more tofu scramble for me. Very low-key.

Around 5:00 we drove 15 minutes to husband's childhood home to visit with his mom and dad. We spread out on the couch, chatted, and watched the Masters golf tournament.

At home, we wasted no time putting on pj's and heading to bed.

Today Iris the kitty has claimed my chocolate scented bunny for her very own.


  1. yum!!! I love easter goodies. :)

    Iris seems firmly in posession.


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