Friday, April 17, 2009


All week I have been craving a Coffee Tofutti Ice Cream cone with sprinkles from Lizzy's.

For the record, where I come from Sprinkles are always multi-colored while Jimmies are chocolate sprinkles.

Anywho, I wasn;t craving cupcakes until I saw this post from Miss Jane. You have until Monday to enter her Give Away of a three Cupcake Kit from Saint Cupcakes, a Portland based bakery which ships Cupcake Kits all over the country.

Yummy! So many flavors of cake! So many flavors of frosting! So many flavors of sprinkles! So much fun to be had when they arrive!

Fill one of their vegan cupcake options with coffee Tofutti and I am a happy, happy girl.


  1. I'll have to check it out! Cupcakes are the perfect size..not too much and you can pile on the toppings!

  2. who doesn't love cupcakes??? :)

  3. for me Jimmies & Sprinkles are the same thing! Coffee Tofutti Ice Cream sounds delish...especially on a day like this! its sooo nice out.

    and I ::heart:: cupcakes...they are the perfect size


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