Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Spring!

Rain has been abundant! As Mr. B&B said last night, "April showers..." and I replied "Bring May flowers!"

When I was little I used to think rain brought boats... You know... the Mayflower...? I was a little confused, but I have lived in Massachusetts all my life and we often went to Plymouth to see the Mayflower so my thought process wasn't completely daft. And rain and the ocean and...

So, anyway, speaking of May flowers, the beginning of them are making their debut in our front garden.

The birds outside my window have been serenading me all day, too.

It is truly Spring. A new beginning.


  1. happy spring - part of why april is one of my most favorite months

  2. We don't truly get spring until May. Enjoy the moment!


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