Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Train Man

To the tall, blond, blue-eyed, 20-something man on the red-line to Alewife at approximately 5:30 this evening...

Thank you.

Thank you for looking me in the eye and offering me the one empty seat in the car before claiming it for your own.

It may have been because I looked exhausted and old.

It may have been because I was carrying a bag, a clutch, and my raincoat.

It may have been because I was in high heeled boots.

I like to think it was because I looked adorable today in knee-length black shorts, gold ruffled top, and fitted denim jacket with my wavy hair cascading down my shoulders.

Whatever the reason, thank you. You restored my faith in humanity and plain old made my day.


  1. aw this is sweet, but oh so nice! not many people are AS nice nowadays...unfortunately!

  2. thats really really sweet. How i wished some tall blue eyed man gave up his seat for me!


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