Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Check Engine"

Last Wednesday I sent a big check to the bank to pay off my car loan.

Not long after, the "Check Engine" light went on in my car.

We checked the gas cap, cleaned the air filter, and went to AutoZone to have the computer codes read.

We finally gave in and brought it to a shop a block away from us. They told us that they could not diagnose the problem because there are aftermarket parts on my car (performance suspension and exhaust) that they were not willing to touch because they do not have the expertise. They went on to inform us that they did find an unrelated problem. My left rear brakes were no longer working and had not been for some time and the rear right brakes were near to giving in, too.

I felt incredibly negligent. I mean, I drive my car rarely and go very easy on it. I never heard any squeaking or felt anything amiss when braking. How could this be?

We told them to go ahead and fix the brakes. Roters, pads, and calipers. Lots of time. Lots of money.

Now, without explanation, the check engine light is no longer on. Let's hope it remains this way.

Wouldn't it be nice if people came with "Check Engine" lights? We would all be a lot more healthy physically and mentally.

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  1. it would be nice to know instantly what's wrong


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