Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fragment From Fall

In my poetry class last Fall I wrote a somewhat "oh la la" poem which most everyone seemed to find funny coming from sweet ol' me. Cleaning up some papers today, I came across this poem on a stray piece of paper. A poem I never did share in class, I share with you:

I want to kiss you just to know what it feels like.
Two free spirits united.
Speak your words into my mouth so I might roll them around on my tongue.
Save your best lines and brand them on my lips so I might savor them slowly.
Leave trails on my flesh with your fingertips,
top to bottom reminiscent of Chinese characters on rice paper.
Just once might be enough.


  1. super poem......."just once might be enough".

  2. I love it. :-) I love coming across old writings, drawings, etc. and re-reading them.

  3. Beautiful... It's great when we find something we did a while ago, and we still like it!

  4. So much better than my recent attempt at poetry. : )


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