Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life's Little Moments

Today I:

Wrote my husband an "I Love You More Than..." love note.

Saw a homeless man and wanted to help him, but he walked on by. Next time I'll have a set of clothes and a paper bag lunch at the ready.

Watched my car almost get hit by an elderly woman driving the largest car I have ever seen in my life. What a wave of relief when the impact did not come.

Sat with a purring cat in my lap for 20 minutes.

Got 20 minutes to myself which I spent reading The Birthdays by Heidi Pitlor. (Remember "Drop Everything And Read" in elementary school?)

Most amazing, I found my first ever four leaf clover which I'll write a whole post about tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams my Blogging Beauties <3


  1. Why are elderly women always in the largest car we have ever seen? But then I am heading into the elderly direction soon enough and I have a one ton dually, kind of big. : )

  2. what amazing moments - so glad there was no impact.

  3. Interesting day! My most interesting moment today was chasing a beautiful butterfly for the perfect photo op which never presented itself. But I had fun flitting around the yard. :-)


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