Monday, June 1, 2009

Speedy Sonoma

Most people think of Sonoma as a place to relax and sip wine while walking through endless vineyards. This is true, but it is also home to Infineon Raceway. The Mr. is a longtime Nascar fan and insisted we visit the raceway on our recent trip. Since he came with me to meet blog friends and ate at Herbivore, it was only fair.

Mr. B&B at Infineon Raceway

I was not a Nascar person until I met my husband and learned that not all race fans meet the stereotypes placed upon them. We had been dating less than a year when he invited me to a Nascar race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I am always up for new experiences. The seats were about 8 rows up and right in front of the pits near the start/finish line. It was exhilarating!

I go with him and my Father-In-Law to the summer race every year now. The sun is warm. The people we sit near are friendly, her in her leather bra top and him with his "fun flask". The pits and the race are always entertaining. It isn't anywhere I would ever choose to go without Mr. B&B, but even I, the environmentalist vegan, have come to enjoy and embrace it.

Check out the inspiration for this post, The Meanest Mom's Nascar Adventure, here.

I leave you with photos of Infineon Raceway in Sonoma:
The sheep on the hill behind the Grandstands.

The Start/Finish Line


  1. I think that's where my friend Bud keeps his cars. I've lost track of him though. I need to e-mail him one day.

  2. Glad to remind you of old friends :-) What does Bud do for a living?


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