Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Fence Me In

Sitting in the grass and clover of the park, I spied lovely yellow flowers growing between two fences.

I wanted to set them free. Whenever I see anything caged, I want to set it free.

I identified with the flowers. There have been many times in my life when I have felt trapped, stuck in other people's narrow definitions and ideas of success. Even now, I find myself struggling to break free, make my own way.

Slowly, over the course of a few moments, I realized that the flowers, too, were reaching for freedom. The fences limited their growth width-wise, but they were growing up, no limits imposed upon them.

They gave me hope and courage, those little yellow flowers. Whenever I feel boxed in I will look around and find another direction in which to grow. So simple, yet I had never really thought of it before.

What do you do, what helps you to find your way?

Listen to Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters sing "Don't Fence Me In" on YouTube.


  1. Such a good question... I have no idea how to answer this. I meditate a lot more these days... so I suppose that's how I cope!

  2. I scribble ferociously in my journal. I wish my GPS doled out life instructions the same way it handled driving on local roads. I talk out loud, sometimes to myself. I try to forget about certain things so I can focus on others. I dance because it makes me happy and I try to sleep. I think sleep and happiness will eventually lead to clarity.

  3. beautiful post! i would have to say that my son is my best compass. i learn so much from him every day.

  4. I write, write, write. It really helps me. I love your flowers analogy!


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