Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recommended Reading

I have so many blog posts I want to write and not enough time to write them all.

Two other bloggers really got me thinking last week.

If you have a chance check out My Rights to Living a Life at Life or Something Like It. It is sure to get you thinking about how you are living your life and how you would like to be living your life. Basically, it leads to self examination of the soul.

Then there is Running Into the Waves at A New York City Life.
"These things that keep coming, these changes are transforming my life, even by just a tiny bit. They are creating paths for the moments that will be lived, the memories that will be created." How can you not want to read more?

All of you touch me every day, get my mind churning, expand my view of the world. A great Big Thank You and hugs and kisses to each and everyone of you! You are special and I feel special just knowing you virtually.


  1. will have to check those out - love something that makes me think that way.

  2. I think too much, it makes me crazy! I started looking at my life and wondering what I'm doing in the past year. That happens when you have two thirds of your life behind you. : )

  3. You also touch all of our lives too! I love reading your blog and though there are several states between us:) I feel like we live next door. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself as well!!!

  4. It's the beauty of blogging, how we get inspired and inspire others! Thanks for your recommendations!


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