Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Groceries: A Mr. B&B Anecdote

Glued to my computer working on my paper this weekend, I decided groceries would just have to wait until Monday. We would not go hungry.

Much to my surprise, Mr. B&B popped his head in our office late Sunday morning. "Just wanted to let you know, I will take care of the groceries today." he casually remarked. "You will? Are you sure? I was planning on doing them tomorrow..." Then I paused, looked at him, and said, "Thank you.", motioned for him to come closer, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Mr. B&B is very helpful around the house ALWAYS. He washes laundry, sweeps floors, cleans bathrooms, hangs pictures, and removes snow and ice. He dusts, builds things, weather seals doors, grouts window frames and tubs. There are not many things Mr. B&B won't do. I am a lucky and very thankful woman. Though I am capable of doing the things Mr. B&B does, it is nice not to have to, not to be the sole proprietor of our "home sweet home".

On the other hand, I do not take advantage. I recognize that he works hard every day not only for self-fulfillment, but to keep our little family afloat. When he comes home and the dishes are done, laundry clean and dry and put away, floors swept, bed made, everything dusted, and dinner on the table, he is far more relaxed and just as appreciative of what I do at home all day as I am of what he does at work all day.

Having been together eight years and lived together for quite a few of them, some household tasks have naturally divided. Groceries have traditionally been done jointly or by me. So, when he made his "casual remark" on Sunday, I was floored. He recognized how hard I was working and this was his way of showing me support. My heart was full. I got up and, holding his hand, floated on air to the kitchen where together we made a grocery list. Moments later, Mr. B&B was en route to Trader Joe's.

Typing away in the middle of a thought I was not about to lose, my phone rang and I ignored it. When my thought was typed and saved, I picked up my phone. Mr. B&B, no doubt in the midst of a grocery store crisis, was the mystery caller. "Ring, Ring, ring, ring..." and I am through to his voice mail. Must not have been that important. Five minutes later, he called me back. Before I could say hello, "I decided to save all of my questions until I got to the last aisle so I didn't bother you over and over." He then proceeded with a barrage of questions which I answered deftly and expertly. One never fully understands how complex a seemingly simple task can be until one attempts it one's self.

Mr. B&B returned unscathed with bags full of yummy. With gusto, the receipt for "only $53!" (well done) was unfurled. While we put away the groceries together, he regaled me with supermarket stories and I listened intently as if he were describing a foreign land and the people who live there. "I'm glad you had a good time. Thank you SO MUCH for taking care of the groceries for me! It means more than you know."

The little things go a long way.

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  1. they absolutely do go a long way. that is so sweet.


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