Friday, February 27, 2009

Premature Spring

It is so lovely here today. I want to put on a sundress and a sweet pair of shoes and frolic. Then I remember it is the end February and if I dress that way I am probably in for a nasty cold when the weather turns chilly again as I have no doubt it will and soon. So I pair jeans with a tank and purple button down and throw on a pair of blue and green sneakers. A cautiously optimistic compromise.

I did turn off the heat and open the front door for some fresh air. I think I am going to head out to the front porch for painting "al fresco" Gotta seize the loveliness while it lasts.

Spring is on the way!


  1. Thank goodness, I am done with winter

  2. Yes, seize those nice days to get some fresh air in the house.

  3. i am longing for spring! will it really ever get here?


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