Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valuing Time

I have written about concepts of time before. So, I won't get on my soapbox, again.

Thursday I got an email from my neighbors informing me that the energy audit guy was coming on Friday to check out the whole house, but neither of them would be home. Mr. B&B would not be home either, leaving this task to me. I was told the man would arrive at 10:30. As a formality, their unit was scheduled for 10:30 and ours was scheduled for 1:30, but since the units make up one house, he should be done by 1:30.

Energy Audit Man was late, one hour late, yesterday which pretty much derailed my whole day. It is amazing the difference one hour can make. He also stayed a bit later than expected which was good because he was thorough, but bad because it meant things I needed to do had to be cut out of my day.

My morning shower, cut. This was half my fault because by the time I looked up from doing some reading for school, it was 10:15. Energy Audit Man was expected at 10:30 and I didn't want to answer the door in a towel. Half the man's fault, because had he called to say he was running late I would have known I had time to shower.

Finish a paper for school that is due Tuesday, cut.
I could have worked on it and probably completed it in that hour I was waiting for the man, but I didn't know when the man would arrive and didn't want to start something serious only to be interrupted five minutes later by the doorbell.

Sewing, painting, etc., cut. This is not really a NEED, but I would like to post more items in my new Etsy shop where I am trying to generate a little extra income for our family. Can't post items I haven't made yet.

Nature Journal entry and finishing reading for school, cut.
Mr. B&B and I are going to the ACLU Conference today (Saturday). That means I will probably have to do this and my paper and finish my reading on Sunday. Not so fun considering Mr.B&B will be home and I would rather spend that time with him.

It is times like these that cause me to wish that others valued and respected time as highly as I do. Energy Audit Man did not even offer an explanation or apologize for being late.

I managed to eat a late lunch/early dinner, do the housework, and make Mr.B&B's dinner in the few precious hours I had, though. That is something.


  1. I just checked out your shop - cute stuff!! I also really like the chair :)
    Have fun with it.

  2. Yes we have had our difficulties with home maintence people arriving late or, in some horrible cases, not arriving at all. It is frustrating. My biggest peeve about time (aside from the fact that mr K1 teacher and I view it differently) is when you rush to be somewhere like a doctor's appointment and they are the ones running late. But you are the one who has tobe there at the specified time.


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