Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #149 - Art

I have always been an artist. Banging on pots and pans as a toddler. Dancing and playing piano as a little girl. Coloring, drawing, forming playdoh, and making collages. Now, as an adult, sewing, photographing, making collages, painting, singing in the shower, dancing while I make dinner, cooking, writing. I have always been an artist.

At 5 or 6 years old I drew a picture and wrote this accompanying poem on it:
Under the dark is a star.
Under the star is a tree.
Under the tree is a blanket.
Under the blanket is me.

Yesterday I saw slam poetry champions, Sekou and Steven Connell perform. You can see video of them performing here.

Sekou's t-shirt read "Art is Freedom of Expression":

I had never really thought about it that way, but it is true.
Since that is true, why aren't we all artists? We are.
The brick layer building a building or arranging bricks in patterns.
The lawyer making a case on paper and in court, interpreting the law and applying it.
The landscaper mowing, clipping, arranging, digging.
The football player deftly moving around the field, executing formations and plays.
The software engineer writing code, moving around '0' and '1' to communicate.
I challenge you to find a profession or a person who is not in any way an artist.
"Art is Freedom of Expression."
Express yourself. (Did I just turn into Madonna?)
I can not talk about art without mentioning my favorite art museum. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is located behind and (if you have your back to the back of the MFA) to the left of the M(useum of) F(ine) A(rts) on The Fenway in Boston. It is magnificent. Isabella Stewart Gardner used to live there and built it in the style of an Italian Villa with a breath-taking courtyard. Her house, the museum, has remained virtually unchanged since her death. All of the art is what she personally amassed in her lifetime. Do visit if you are ever in Boston. If your name is Isabella, admission is free! If not, adults $12, seniors $10, students $5, children under 18 FREE.

I love the MFA, too. I never go there without visiting Degas Dancer sculpture which is in one of my favorite rooms in the museum. So, I leave you with her:

Image via MFA
$2,995.00 and a replica of her can be all yours.


  1. that is gorgeous - and you're right, everyone expresses themselves.

  2. true true true to the core!
    chk my post out!

  3. Absolutely!

    An excellent post!

    I've been to the Gardiner Museum and loved it!

  4. great post!! this is my favorite topic so far of sunday scribbs, for probably obvious reasons. i LOVE art! you hit the nail on this post about 'art'. it's really entertaining to watch slam poetry as well.

  5. "If your name is Isabella, admission is free! "
    really ?

  6. Thanks for the LOVE all!
    @Daanish Really!


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