Friday, February 13, 2009

To the Ocean

After a quick stop at school this morning, Mr. B&B and I are off to Cape Cod for a short respite. I love the Cape always, but there is something hauntingly magical about it in the "off season". We'll be strolling the beach, visiting the Parnassus Book Service, and perusing antique stores including this one. We will be eating incredible vegan breakfasts prepared by Ann and David at The Shady Hollow Inn. Just thinking about it releases endorphins!

Speaking of hauntingly magical, check out Jake Snider's song "To the Ocean" on YouTube. His website is here. His bio is here. MP3's, streaming MP3's and YouTube links here.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend where ever you may be, whatever your plans, no matter your relationship status.

See you Monday with pictures and a weekend recap!


  1. oh...sounds so romantic - I love the beach in off season too. Have a wonderful time.

  2. have the time like never before!!
    have fun :D

  3. hey you have such a full and eventful life! :) anyway... have a great trip to the Cape and a better Valentine's weekend!

    have lots of fun!



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