Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silent Cooperation

Walking to class yesterday I came to a crosswalk where one person was waiting to cross. The walk light had not come on when I arrived at the crosswalk but I peered around the bus parked there to see if any cars were coming. The person who had been waiting followed suit and we crossed together. Silent cooperation.

My class ended early yesterday, but a few of us stuck around to continue our discussion about the film we watched. Slowly people filtered out until it was just me, the professor, and one other student. As I silently moved toward the door to leave, both of them followed me out of the classroom, down the stairs, and into the open air where we each went our separate ways. Silent cooperation.

Near the station where I pick up the bus to go home there are two crosswalks mere feet from each other at a very large three way intersection. Big groups of people were waiting at both of them when I arrived. The people at the other intersection began crossing and the group I was standing in followed suit. Silent cooperation.

Human nature is fascinating.

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