Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I miss Mr. B&B
Last week he was in Colorado for 3 days.
This week he has been in New Mexico since Sunday and will not return until Saturday.

When he is away, I have nightmares.

Last week I dreamed of a couple coming into our house to steal things while I was sleeping. In my dream, I woke up, asked what they were doing, and told them all they had to do was ask for those things on Freecycle and I would be happy to give them to them.

Last night I dreamed I was in the supermarket and a guy fell to the floor. I thought he was having a heart attack and cried out. A guy at the end of the aisle came presumably to help, but it turned out he had a gun with a silencer and had just shot the guy I thought was having a heart attack. He tried to attack me and as I was struggling with him, I woke up.

I like to think I do o.k. when I am alone. I am a 27 year old grown-up. But my dreams betray me.

How do you feel about being alone for any period of time?

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