Thursday, February 12, 2009

Left My Heart In Harvard Square

Do you stop to listen or do you walk on by street performers/musicians? Occasionally, I stop. After this post by Tangobaby, this article on Joshua Bell in the Metro, and this series of articles on a homeless prodigy yesterday, I will be keeping dollars in my purse and stopping more regularly.

On my way to school yesterday, I happened upon this musician in Harvard Square. I caught his eye and he smiled. I was tight on time, but I sat on the curb with him for a couple of minutes, just listening and soaking in his passion. I could have stayed all day. Instead, I pulled five quarters from my purse and dropped them in his case. A small price to pay for the entertainment, relaxation, and calm I felt thanks to those two minutes with him. "Thank you." he said with a grin. "No, thank you." I replied with a smile.

As I hurried along on my way, my inner alarm told me to take out my camera and turn around. There he is nuzzled up to his guitar. They fit together. They make beautiful music together.
I stepped into class only one minute tardy and my day was so much better for it.


  1. gorgeous shots...and a good reminder for me.

  2. Ohh I love it. Thanks for the reminder, I often walk by musicians and unless I'm waiting for a street light to turn I am always "too busy" to stop. I love that you posted this and the pictures are awesome.

  3. harvard the place for street talent,including chess !!

  4. Alas we do not have street performers.... except this one guy who will play his bagpipe outside the Irish bar downtown - not for money....

    The few I have seen I have annoyed dearest to no end by wanting to sit through several numbers... not his thing.

  5. I live in the country, so I don't have this opportunity. But I do stop my day to watch the breeding pair of red tail hawks as they soar above.


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