Sunday, March 1, 2009


In like a lion...
Yes, it is snowing here today. 8-12 inches expected by the time it stops tomorrow night. Really, it has been known to snow in April so none of this should come as a surprise AND I am grateful for "normal" weather because really we should not have sundress weather in late February/early March in Massachusetts, BUT I think I am a little weather weary. The weariness sets in around this time every year. Soft and feathery snow, while lovely, is less welcome when my heart has had a taste of Spring and is more than longing for strings of lustrous, languid, steamy, sunshiney days.

Speaking of sunshine, my sunshine has returned from his week long business trip to New Mexico. Iris the MeowMeow and I could not be happier! I think he is pretty thrilled to be home, too. Last night he came home to a choice of two meals for dinner. Option One: Turkey meatloaf with roasted sweet potato rounds and broccoli. Option Two: Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage cooked in a broth of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers over whole wheat rotini. He went with the sausage. He also came home to a clean house and an exceedingly happy, doting wife. Gotta keep him coming home :-)

Happy March! Let us hope it goes out like a lamb...


  1. pretty impressive just to come home to a clean house, never mind a choice of two delicious dinners. He is one lucky man:) Glad to hear that he is home safe and sound, at least for a little while anyway

  2. what a wonderful homecoming for both - I'm glad your honey is home.


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