Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cause for Celebration

You know you're growing up when... you need a cause for celebration. When you're little, EVERYTHING is worth celebrating even if you just do it with mud pies, pretend tea, and 15 of your closest stuffed animal friends. O.K., I know I am still young (28 next month) and that my inner child is very much alive, but I am feeling a bit more grown up these days thanks to my younger siblings.

On Sunday, my younger brother graduated from Clark University with honors. I am so proud of him and excited about what the future holds for him. On the other hand...

I talked to him while he grew in Mom's belly. I gave him "horsey rides" on my back. I met him at his bus stop after school every day. We watched Howard The Duck, Ghostbusters I and II, Karate Kid, and Gremlins over and over again. I was his biggest fan at his basketball games from the time he was 5 through high school.

How can this be happening? How can it be that he is grown and ready to face the world?

Part of me wants us to be giggling in the sandbox or playing piano together. If he is grown that means I am six years more grown and that just astonishes me.

A few graduation pics:

Then there is the matter of my Sister-in-Law turning 21 today. Happy Birthday, Melissa! Last night she got to our place at 11:20. At 11:55 we walked over to an asian restaurant a block away from our house for her first legal drink. At midnight, the bartender presented the birthday girl with a free Scorpion Bowl. I had a few sips of that and a Cape Codder. As we were paying the bill at 12:55, we were all given a shot. We all protested, but ended up giving in because they were already mixed and being poured into light up shot glasses. I haven't downed a shot in years! Melissa had a good time though. When we got home and Mr. B&B was in bed because he had work this morning, Melissa and I went and played on the playground next door and chit chatted before bed. We also drank lots of water and munched on crackers and corn chips. Really fun times.

She's 21! I still can't believe it. When Mr. and I started dating, she was 13 with braces and ponytails.

When Mr. B&B headed off to work this morning, Melissa and I had vanilla ice cream with strawberries, blueberries and banana for breakfast.

They may be older. I may be older. But having ice cream for breakfast? That never gets old. Plus, it reminds us that every day is a cause for celebration.


  1. Yup, time sure fly's! I felt the same way when I went to my little brothers graduation last year. And you know what, it's even scarier when you start seeing him at the same bar you go to sometimes....

  2. I completely understand. I am amazed at my own age when I consider my siblings accomplishments as well. One is old enough to go into an adult bachelors program this fall. One is graduating from high school and two from middle school this spring.

    Mmm.. ice cream for breakfast...

  3. I hardly ever thought about my age until I started teaching...parents would be the same age as students were teenagers! argh.
    But I try to think about how old I feel, and well, I feel like I am still 19! Bring on the ice cream!


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