Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One for the Ages

Mr. B&B and I hung out with a variety of different people on different occasions this weekend. In every group, the topic of age and aging came up. I never really think about my age. I just keep blazing my own trail.

Saturday night we joined Mr. B&B's extended family at a dinner celebrating his sister's 21st birthday. Of course, we all spoke vaguely about our 21st birthday parties and joked about how long ago they were. Then people got around to talking about when Melissa was born and how long they have all been married and "Where did the time go?" I wanted to scream, "Instead of moaning about the past, think about how you want to spend the rest of your time on this planet!" Eternal optimist, glass half full girl, I am.

Sunday afternoon and evening, we went to a party in Mr. B&B's hometown. It was actually thrown by two people I went to middle and high school with. Oddly enough, the best man at our wedding worked with the guy I know from school. Mr. B&B knew a lot more people at the party a lot better than I did. Inevitably, I was hanging out with our best man for most of the party. At the end of the night he and I were filled with randomness and got to talking about ex's. I told him I admire how friendly he is with one of his ex's after all of the messiness at the end of their relationship. He replied, "We were just 19 year old kids. It was ten years ago. We've gotten over it." That hit me head on. If he was 19 ten years ago, I was 18 ten years ago. I suddenly felt what the people at Melissa's birthday party must have felt. Yeah, those people I wanted to yell at. So, I yelled at myself.

When I turned 25, my younger and only brother called and said, "You're almost 30." What is this anxiety we attach to numbers? Why do we give them so much power over our lives? Maybe I feel a bit more freedom from them because I have done things unconventionally, on my own time table. Just try and make the most of every day, I say. Some days we have more to give than others, but give it all you got, whatever it is you've got to give.

Sunday evening, I talked to a long time friend of the family, in part to wish him and his wife Sherrie(my matron of honor), a happy 23rd wedding anniversary. I was the flower girl in their wedding and I wore a magnificent black and white dress with a gigantic twirly hoop skirt which I l-o-v-e loved. Joe said, "I've known you all your life, kid. I'm gettin' old." I have no words to say how grateful I am to still have people in my life who have known me since conception and are not blood relations. It's outstanding.

Monday, Keith and Alison brought Alexander to our house and we all munched on food and played on the playground. Keith and Alison are expecting another baby (or babies) in January. I remember when they found out they were pregnant with Alexander. I hope that Brad and I get to be Alexander and his siblings "Joe and Sherrie".

We're born. We grow. The cycle continues. Age after Age after Age.

To life.


  1. I think about getting older all the time (I'm 27) and sometimes it just gets out of control, and I have to take a step back- a mental one! Maybe it's because there's no choice in it, that we can't help but age. I really like what you wrote.

  2. Great post, Alexandra! I especially like the end when you wrote "We're born. We grow. The cycle continues. Age after Age after Age." Very poetic.

  3. no point in worrying over it, as it's inevitable. As the saying goes, it beats the alternative! I will say though that it is a little starting when you realize you have more years behind you than ahead.

  4. I never used to think about getting older, except I'm turning 30 in two weeks time and I must confess I'm freaking out. It's silly, my life is not changing, nothing will be different, and still, all of a sudden, I feel old!

  5. At some point we flaunt our age. I remember distinctly turning 10 and being so excited to finally be in "double digits". I remember counting down the days to turn 16, eager to cruise through town. At 20, I felt like a loser, like I had been on the planet for 2 whole decades and had accomplished absolutely nothing in that time. My students endlessly occupy themselves by trying to guess my current age. Sometimes it scares me. Sometimes, it amuses me, and sometimes I forget it all together.


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