Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the Birds

Two days of wet weather have brought the worms and bugs to the surface of the earth. The birds are chirping, singing, and flocking.
All day, bird song.
You can't step outside without seeing at least 6 birds with fat worms and other bounty stuffed in their beaks.
I feel like a fairytale princess.

I thought I thought I felt like Cinderella, but I wasn't sure. So, I Google searched.

This amazing painting is Cinderella and the Birds by Scott Gustafson

I also found a sweet song by Birds of Wales on YouTube called Cinderella (has nothing on you).

I wasn't convinced it was Cinderella I was thinking of. So, I searched Snow White. Turns out she also had bird friends.

Snow White on the balcony by Jim Salvati via Sanders Art Studio

So did Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty Singing with the Birds by Jim Salvati via Sanders Art Studio

Since all princesses seem to have bird friends, I guess I must be a Princess. Princess of the Birds with Stuffed Beaks.
Someone want to paint or sing about me?


  1. Oh Alexandra! YOU have to sing if you are the princess! I have no doubt in my mind that if you start singing by your window the birds will come visit you like Snow White!
    Now, if I tried to sing, I could easily scare them all away!

    I liked your post about the board too! It made me realize that I can use my blog as a cork board too! Thank you!

  2. I love that painting of Cinderella! It's beautiful! I think I'm Princess too, but a non singing one like, Tulsa! :)


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