Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking My Heart to San Francisco

Early Sunday Morning, Mr. B&B and I leave for San Francisco. We will return on Thursday night at 11:00.

Since I have been so busy with school all week, I need to spend tomorrow cleaning and packing. This is my last post until next Thursday.

Never fear! Two of my dear real life friends have agreed to blog in my absence. Keep an eye out for Tanya and Irma. Please show them a little love for me. I have told them all about how great this blogging thing is and I am sure you all will encourage them :-)

Take care my dears! I will come back and post all about my travels and maybe meeting this super woman and this lovely. There'll be pictures, too! xoxo I'll miss you!


  1. Hello! love your blog, and enjoy San Francisco, I haven't been there and have been longing to see the sights and experience all of the gorgeous shopping! blog soon :)

  2. I look forward to meeting your 2 friends. I hope they enjoy blogging.


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