Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Would the real Brainy and Beautiful please stand up?

When Brainy and Beautiful asked me to be a guest blogger here, I immediately felt honored. And then overwhelmed and then anxious that I would somehow not quite live up to the task. I relaxed a bit and/or got distracted by a nasty spring time cold. So many things come to mind when I think of Brainy and Beautiful and the amazing friendship that has spanned more than half our lives. I could write about the time we tried to make macaroni and cheese together and it was a disaster. I could write about her famous "yo stripes outfit", or a quiet weekend in Vermont to celebrate her birthday.

The cold is draining more of my energy and I can't tell those stories with all the colorful details right now, so I decided to search through my personal archives. Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago, but it sounds like the way I was feeling yesterday and earlier today:

fever-induced confused frenzy
blankets on
windows open
happy cynical sad
moods blur by
clean the house
blow the nose
wince with pain
rest sleep rest read
shower, tea, rest, read
guilt, fatigue
tug at me
try to exercise
to break the fever
half a bout of clarity
struggle for breath
sleep rest read rest

The wonderful and talented Brainy and Beautiful will be back later this week. You are welcome to find out more about me by reading about my experiences in the workplace at my blog: A day in the life of a K1 teacher


  1. what a lovely poem! it's true poetry when one can take a non-lovely situation and make it feel lovely to read about.

  2. why guest blogger? you can have your own blog !
    (and you do),nice thoughts as a poem.

  3. She is lucky to have such an intelligent friend. Great poem.


Have a Brainy and Beautiful Day! Love reading all the Brainy and Beautiful Things you say <3