Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Farewell Fellow Poets

Poetry class came to an end last night. I already miss it. I miss giving and receiving feedback. I miss the unique voices. I miss the professor. I miss the teasing and the laughter. I just miss all of it and everyone.

Last night I gave everyone a tiny notebook. Inside each notebook was a personal note to each of them and my contact information. I hope they keep in touch.

Andrew, Carrie, Davy, Jan, Lucien, Sam... If you happen to visit my little corner of the blog world, don't be shy, leave me a little hello. Oh, and really, a big thank you to each of you for making this semester an amazing one for me. Each of you is an inspiration to me and I hope you keep in touch. I'll miss reading your work.

Nothing, but love, admiration, and respect <3

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