Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #142 - Late

"Sunday Scribblings was set up to provide inspiration and motivation for anyone who enjoys writing and would like a weekly challenge." This weeks prompt is "Late".

"Late" was not allowed when I was growing up. My mother always had us up and ready to go with plenty of time to spare before we had to get to where we were going. Often we were 15 minutes early, never less than 10 minutes early. I understand early. I know how to wait patiently. I know how to occupy myself when I am waiting. Even now I rarely go anywhere without a book to read and never go anywhere with a notebook & pen for writing. My mother taught me that being early or, at the very least, on time, shows respect for the person(s) you are meeting and demonstrates your reliability and sense of responsibility. Oh, and if something unforeseen happens you call, explain, and let those waiting for you know you are getting there as fast as you can. These "unforeseen circumstances" should happen very rarely because you should be giving yourself more than enough time (i.e. be accounting for unforeseen circumstances) to get your destination on time at the very least. "Late" was not allowed.

Fast forward to now. I am married to someone who grew up much differently. He is much more "loose" about time. He assumes wherever he is going people will forgive him for being 10, 15, even 30 (perhaps more) minutes late. He runs on the belief that everyone will understand. He does not view being late as even a small indiscretion. We have had to come to an understanding about time. If we are going to see my family or going to and event we have been invited to due to my activities, we leave when I want to leave. When we go to see his family or go to an event we were invited to due to his activities, we leave when he wants to leave. It works most of the time, but can sometimes get a bit complicated if we are going to visit joint-friends. Our joint-friends know that if I am coming alone I will be on time, but if my husband and I are coming together they can expect tardiness of some sort.

While I appreciate the lessons my mother taught me, I also appreciate having the husband I do. Being with my husband has helped me to loosen up a little bit about time. Instead of leaving a 30 or forty-five minute "cushion" of time when I go some where, I tend to leave a 15 minute cushion (unless we are going somewhere new). I have learned to be more in the moment which helps me enjoy and appreciate every minute more. I believe I am beginning to find a healthy balance when it comes to time.

I leave you with an interesting tidbit: While I can become crazy over being late to every day appointments, I am very relaxed about how long it takes to accomplish certain goals and milestones along my life path. Case in point: I am twenty-seven and still working toward my bachelor's degree. What does this say about me?


  1. *nod* it's always good to have balance in your life that your husband or any other person can teach you. i know quite a few people who are always late, and i call them "flaky". as for me, i am usually early, ESPECIALLY at job interviews!

  2. It was refreshing to read that your husband has taught you to "live in the moment" and that you are relaxed about your everyday goals. The balance you two struck about arrival time is logical and obviously works! As for your college degree, the point is that you ARE working towards it. It's at your pace which will make you calmest and ultimately you WILL reach your goal.I've known many people older than you who attained a college degree later in life than you and they were hardworking, respectable and successful people.

    Life is not a "straight path" for all. There are curves. All of them appreciated it more than many others who attained this "on time." There truly is no set time to obtain a college degree. Often, when young, one doesn't know what one wants to do in life. Welcome to Sunday scribblings!


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