Monday, December 15, 2008

Kendrick the Christmas Tree

Yesterday Mr. B&B and I finally went to Russo's to pick out our Christmas Tree and Christmas Tree stand. Mr. B&B found Kendrick and spun him around for me to have a look. We knew Kendrick was the one. After a quick trimming of the trunk, the nice tree man wrapped Kendrick up and secured him tightly to the roof of the Saab for the journey home.

Once home, Mr. B&B removed Kendrick from the roof and brought him inside while I assembled the makeshift snow batting tree skirt and the tree stand. Once Kendrick was securely fastened into the tree stand and given a drink of water, we began considering names for him. I suggested Phil for a boy or Carla for a girl. Mr. B&B pronounced them "awful" suggestions for our tall, strong, green tree. He suggested Kendrick "'cause the tree is just like Kendrick Perkins of the Boston Celtics." I could not deny the tall, strong, and green commonalities. And so it was that our Christmas Tree came to be called Kendrick.

Since I am without camera, I can not provide pictures of our luscious Kendrick the Christmas Tree. Instead I give you a photo of Kendrick Perkins of the 22 and 2, best record in franchise history, best record in the NBA, World Champion, Boston Celtics:

Now just picture Kendrick Perkins bedecked in red and gold LED lights and some gold, silver, green and red ornaments with this...

on his head. Yep, that is about what our tree looks like. What a perfect tree it is!

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