Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vegan Cupcake Tour

This is my 100th post. It is only fitting that there be cupcakes to celebrate the milestone.

On Monday my friend and fellow vegan, Tanya, and my husband (not vegan) and I went on a Vegan Cupcake Tour. On the recommendation of Cupcakes Take The Cake we set out to visit Kick *ss Cupcakes in Somerville's Davis Square and Sweet Cupcakes on Mass. Ave. in Boston.

Kick *ss was, well, kick *ss! Incredibly friendly people, interesting flavors, and scrumptious cupcakes for humans and pets alike. They have a new vegan flavor every few months. If I had to find a drawback, it would have to be the seating. There are only three stools at a small counter by the window which worked out fine as the three of us were the only ones there. In the summer this isn't an issue because there are plenty of places to sit outside, but right now it is chilly. Don't let the seating deter you, though. They are happy to makeup amazing, smoosh-free to go boxes and, according to Tanya's husband, the cupcakes taste just as amazing at home.

I took pictures! Yippee for my new camera :-)

My Vegan Cinna Punk (Tanya had one, too)

Mr. B&B's Chocolate Mocha

For Kitties

For Puppies

For People

Gluten Free!

Just in the mood for frosting?

Kick *ss Cupcakes ended up being our only successful stop as we arrived at Sweet only to find a note in the window stating that they were closed for the day due to electricity issues. So, we peeked in the window and just stood staring in the window, awed by the gorgeous interior with the amazing pink velvet booth and shiny silver and pink vintage'y' wall paper. It was like going back in time. In time we will go back. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

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