Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sparkly Tights, Spinach, and Spinning

This past Saturday night Mr. B&B and I went to his company holiday party.

Getting prepped and primped is always so fun! As he is trying to choose a tie and I am debating tights or no tights, I yell questions and he yells answers. He preps me with a who's who and schedule of events (cocktail hour, dinner, President of Company Speech, raffle, dessert, dancing) while we primp.

Primping for Her - This year I wore the dress from this post with these shoes and sparkly silver footless tights.

Primping for Him: black and grey checked three-button suit, red button-down shirt, silver tie.

We then met our friends Tanya and Greg on the green line train to Boston. They got on one-stop before us and we met them in the first car. So dreamy and romantic!

Green Line to Blue Line and we arrived at our destination where we found Keith and Alison had already arrived. A drink or two later Brian arrived sans Irma who was performing with one of the orchestras she belongs to. Chittering and chattering while nibbling on bruschetta and other assorted yummies ensued.

Then we were ushered into the ballroom. The tables were lovely in their simplicity. White linens. Black napkins. Silver Tree on mirror surrounded by four votive candles in center of table.

Dinner was served buffet style. Being vegan, my meal consisted of fresh spinach salad, roasted butternut squash, roasted regular and sweet potatoes, and half of Mr. B&B's blueberry roll. Delicioso!

Mr. B&B won a raffle prize - $100 visa gift card!

Petits Fours of all kinds are irresistible even for this very very vegan girl. So adorable, fancy, and delicate. My favorite was the lemon cake sheathed in white chocolate.

Mr. B&B, not a dancer himself, did promise me, the dancing doll, one spin around the parquet. We danced to Lady in Red and everything else disappeared. Brian, who was sans Irma, LOVES to dance and is phenomenal. He learned by joining a ballroom dance group in college. So, I asked him to dance and he fox-trotted me effortlessly around the periphery of the crowded dance floor ending with a spin and a dip. Heaven!

And home we went loosening ties and slipping off shoes all the way.

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