Friday, December 19, 2008

What I Mean to V

We had our end of session ceremony at Teen Voices tonight. Mentors read paragraphs they had written to their mentees and vice versa.

This is what one of my mentees, V, had to say about me:

From the day my phone rung, I have always liked you. It wasn't when we first met, or when we chuckled during mentoring, it was the minute you said Hi. We were talking for about 20 minutes and I didn't even know you. I was already amazed by the person you were, and the spirit you always carry. I treasured learning about you, and the journey you've experienced; especially what you do in school and your life at home - you truly do inspire me. i don't know who, out of the two-was most excited. The excitement never wore off, and you have been such a help on numerous things. I've not only gained knowledge, but a college friend! I love the fact that you're always smiling, no matter the day. it reminds me to be more like you. You are someone who should be celebrated, not only for your work but for your heart, I hope i have more than today to commemorate. Love always, V-

I just want to be sure to say that I am not posting V---'s paragraph to toot my own horn. I am posting it because I do not know how to express what a joy it has been to mentor at Teen Voices and to be part of the lives of these incredible teen girls. So, maybe by reading their words, you can begin to understand. Maybe it will inspire you to pursue your own volunteer interests or spark a volunteer interest you did not know you had.

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