Thursday, December 11, 2008

NieNie News 2008

I am always trying to share Nie's story with anyone who will listen. It would be wonderful if you could help spread the word and keep the story alive as well.

One easy way?

CJane posted the following opportunity:

"From Nie Reader Jolleen-

Channel 3 is having a vote right now to see who the top AZ story of 2008 is. Although they did not list Stephanie and Christians' story (not only the accident, but the story after it), I think they should have! If they pick it up and it wins, maybe it will continue to get coverage and continued support! (Channel 3 and their website have had a few segments/articles about them already.)
So, why not ask Nie supporters to email, and tell them their vote for the most unforgettable story of 2008 is Stephanie and Christian Nielson and their amazing road toward recovery. As well as the vote, add a comment about how we think the most Unforgettable Story of 2008 should be one that personally touches so many people and spans across such broad aspects of life: death, tragedy, family, fear, faith, technology (blogs), community, medical miracles, service for strangers, a world praying for and donating to a family they have never met, and LOVE."

I sent a little email. Maybe you will too?

See Some of Channel 3 - AZ Central stories about the Nielson's here.

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