Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Dog Debate

After hurt feelings and much talk, Mr. B&B is willing to consider a puppy, maybe.

I told him it is awfully hard when he is away either working during the day (sometimes long into the night) or on business travel for anything from 3 days to a week. A puppy would be a great companion.

I told him I will be home over the summer and into next spring writing my thesis. Good time to train a puppy.

I told him I never lived without dogs until he came into my life and though I intend to be with him forever, I don't intend to live without a dog forever.

I told him that though he may not know anything about dogs (he has never lived with one), I do and I can teach him and we can work together.

I told him that on Saturday night when he said that "dogs are annoying", being a woman and being me my mind went to many places including the place when it began to think "If he thinks a dog is annoying because it wants to know the rules, it wants to eat, it wants a place to sleep, and it asks for a little attention every now and then... How is he ever going to be a father?"

I told him that as much as I love our cat and the time she does choose to spend with me, she is not the same as a dog.

I asked him to be open-minded and, at some point, give it a chance.

He said, "O.K. We'll see."



  1. Good luck winning him over! Maybe just a little doggie. What breed to you like?

  2. A Shih Tzu. Just a little allergy friendly mop of hair smaller than our cat.

  3. A Shih Tzu sounds great. My dad has always resisted any new animals coming into the parental home but once they are in, dad is an absolute magnet to cats and dogs and as soon as he sits down to read or watch tv, the furry ones dive for his lap.

  4. Yay dogs!! My in-laws have two Shih-Tzus and they are awesome. Really sweet dogs and cute and, aside from the long hair, low maintenance. Plus I had similar arguments as you do when Hubby and I had the Dog Debate, but I won, we got our puggy and now the husband is SO in love with the dog. I bet if y'all decide to go forward with it something similar will happen in your home. :-) Good luck!


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