Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the Couch

That is where I have been sleeping since my husband returned on Saturday.


I don't want to catch his nasty germs.


I can't afford to get sick right now.


I feel different. I'm more sluggish. I'm less productive. I feel less rested.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I miss my soft sheets, fluffy pillows, the light peering through the blinds.

I miss the weight of the comforter, stretching my limbs along its length, the slow roll out of bed.

What do you love about your bed?
If you share your bed with someone, where do you sleep when they are sick?


  1. I used to do the couch thing too when I was married. But there is no rest in the bed when they are coughing or on the couch when you're uncomfortable and worried.

  2. I love piling on more blankets than is seasonably apporpriate. I love that Mr.K1 teaher gets up first during the week and I grab his pillow for an extra 10 minute snooze. I love my flannel sheets against my skin and I love cuddling with Mr K1 teach on a Saturday morning.

    Hope you get back to your bed soon. Boiling some thyme in water on the stove can help clean the air.

  3. I love my bed! I am a throw back to the 80's I suppose, I still have a waterbed lol. But it's one of those deals where the water is inside a regular mattress so you can use regular sheets. I am the one who has to constantly sleep on the sofa though. :-( If I am sick or he is sick, doesn't matter, I get the sofa. Lately he has taken to elbowing me for snoring. I got so tired of being elbowed in the face while I was sleeping, that I am on the sofa once again! I miss my bed too! I feel your pain!

  4. See, your tooooo nice - the sick person get kicked to the curb (oh, I mean quarantined) around here! Or, maybe that is when hubby is sick. :)


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