Saturday, March 14, 2009

Secret to Surprise

Not long ago I mentioned a secret I was bursting to share. It is more exciting to some than others, but...

Mr. B&B and I are going to San Francisco in May! This is very exciting because many of my blog friends live in San Francisco. I have also wanted to go to California for a very long time and it will soon be a wish fulfilled.

There are other secrets to be revealed in the near future concerning career path, potential publishing of materials, and even perhaps new members of the family.

San Francisco is a good start though!


  1. I am so very very jealous. I so badly want to jump on the photo band wagon of Tangobaby.... a walk or a shoot - I don't care. We went several years back when I was pregnant with our first wee one. The muni pass was our best investment! Check into it. Enjoy!

  2. Of course, I want to hear about all of the other secrets too:0


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