Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Last Monday Mr. B&B told me he wanted a boiled dinner for St. Patrick's Day. He said maybe we could go out to dinner. I told him that probably wasn't a good idea with the sinus infection he was fighting. "How about inviting your parents over for a belated St. Patrick's Day celebration?" I found myself saying. "O.K. That'd be fun!" my husband replied. I called to invite the in-laws who eagerly accepted.

During the week I looked up dessert recipes and settled on Irish Tea Cake, Potato Candies and Dessert Soda Bread (minus the Caraway Seeds).

Fast Forward to Friday. I went to Target for photo frames to hang up some things that have been sitting in a box too long, 2 nine inch round pans, and four beer mugs. Then I stopped at Russo's Market for fruits and vegis. Lemons for lemonade, strawberries to top the tea cake, potatoes and carrots and cabbage and onions were among the most important. Russo's is this vegan's mecca and the prices can't be beat. They have the most amazing varieties of mushrooms (Black Truffles anyone?), but even at the rock bottom prices I haven't yet been able to justify the cost. Some day. Finally, Stop & Shop for the corned beef and everything else. Normally I am a Trader Joe's girl, but the Stop and Shop is right next to Russo's and I doubted Trader Joe's would have corned beef.
Three hours later, I arrived home with my spoils.

Saturday I did all of my baking and prep. of the vegi's while Mr. B&B did a deep cleaning of the bathroom and picked up other odds and ends.

Sunday I got up, cleaned the kitchen, and began boiling the meat. Then I scurried from room to room making the bed, dusting, and sorting piles of my stuff that had accumulated over the week. Mr. B&B and I went through the box of art that has been sitting in our office for the past year. We decided where things should be hung, framed what needed framing, and Mr. B&B kindly hung them up. The last of the Christmas things and a couple of well-sorted, organized bins of things were brought to the basement for storage. I set the table and went outside to gather items for a Spring'y' centerpiece. Half an hour before in-law arrival, the vegi's were put on to boil. Just as I was transferring the vegi's from the pan to the Corningware for serving, the in-laws arrived.

It was a really nice afternoon. Good conversation. Good food. Good people. I'm so grateful for family.

But isn't amazing how three days of preparation is over in three hours?


  1. love the new layout!!!

    sounds like a perfect day - so sweet

  2. what a great idea! i love it! glad it was fun, but holy cow YES! the prep always takes so much longer than the actual moment. sometimes i think the extensive prep is what makes the moments so enjoyable. it gives us reason to savor every delightful instant.

  3. First, let me say I like the new look! I have been absent for awhile, I'm way too busy right now. I haven't written my own blog for a few days.
    : )

    Onto your post. It sounds like a great time and yes, prep is days and the actual event is hours. But, you have an organized house and framed items that were hanging out in a box. Entertaining is great motivation for getting things done!


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