Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mr. B&B has been sick with congestion, coughing, fever, headache since last Thursday. So sick that he actually didn't go to work on Friday when he was on his business trip in New Mexico.

So, he flew home to me sick and it has been tissues, cold compresses, tea, and basically waiting on him hand and foot ever since. Yesterday I brought him to the Dr. who gave him meds (Praise be!)and to grocery store to pick out his own tea and juice and nasal spray.

After much tea making and errand doing and chore completing, I collapsed on the couch last evening. With a deep sigh, I closed my eyes just for a minute reveling in the act of doing nothing.

And thus spoke a nasally voice from the other end of the couch,
"You are beautiful...with your hair spilling out all around you."

And I gave thanks for the small moments and the little gestures.

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