Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs of Spring

I just heard the ice cream man's song and looked out to see his truck roll by which was rather odd with some snow still on the ground. It's gotta be Spring, right?

What's your favorite ice cream truck treat?

Oh, and peeps are blasting their music in their cars loudly with their windows open. That has got to count towards Spring, too.

What music do you blast loudly while driving around in your hoopdie with the windows open on nice days?

Yes, I did say "peeps" and "hoopdie"... a pathetic attempt to appear cool, hip, youthful...


  1. Hoopdie? I've never heard that one. But then I don't even try to be cool and youthful...

    I'm partial to drumsticks. And, in my younger days I blasted the current music of the day - now heard on the oldies station - but now I'm a crotchety old lady who grumbles at people who do.

    By the way, thank you for your comment about reading. I love that you and your mom still read together. That's one of my dreams for my kids.

  2. Favorite ice cream truck treat is the chip burger! Current idea is to run a vegan/allergen free truck where the treats are free of common allergens including milk, nuts and soy.

    I like to roll down the window and crank up anything I know most of the words to. So I can sing. Off key and loudly. Singing is joyous.

    I am ignoring for now your peeps in their hoopdies.

    Here are my favorite signs of spring: buds on the trees, warm temperatures, and crazy desires for skirts and dlowers

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i will go with that chip burger bit too!!!
    though my throat has been giving me a real hard time :(

  4. yeayyyy spring is almost here in commonwealth.


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