Monday, September 8, 2008

Heartfelt Sentiments from Husband

Ok, since it is now 2:56 a.m., I have to say last night...

Last night my husband called me from his cozy hotel room in New Mexico where he will be staying for the next week while on a business trip. He called me and we talked about his flights, fantasy sports, what we had for dinner, our beloved kitty cat named Iris, Tom Brady's devastating knee injury, the new furniture we have inherited from my grandparents (more on that in a later post), etc. Inevitably our talk turned tender, full of I'm so glad you are safe, I miss you, be sure to get plenty of rest and good sleep. As we slowly inched towards good nights and talk to you in the mornings, my husband surprised me. He told me that there was turbulence on his connecting flight from Colorado to New Mexico and that during the flight he was scared at times and that when he got scared he thought of me, of cuddling up close and curling into each other, of my funny half-awake half-asleep ramblings... you get the jist ... and that he felt safe and happy and secure as a result, that it brought him peace. I am so full of love for him and I told him so tonight as I do every chance I get.

Yet another thing to be grateful for yesterday.

Off to try and drift into a peaceful slumber. 'Til later... Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite <3

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