Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank you, Blue Lily!

Blue Lily is an amazing photographer and friend of Nie. I found her because she participated in the auction to benefit Nie & Family. When I got to the Blue Lily blog I found she was giving away a $75 gift certificate for Anthropology and all one had to do was comment on how one would spend it. So, I commented.

Much to my delight, though did not pick me as the winner, Blue Lily featured my comment among her favorites here. Thank you, Blue Lily, for the feature and the gift of fantasy shopping! I really did enjoy it immensely <3

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  1. Hey A, thanks for the shoutout! Your blog is, indeed, brainy and beautiful- as are you.

    Thanks for playing in my giveaway- I really did love your comment!

    Blue Lily Photography


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