Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet Words

After a week of getting back into the swing of things at school, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and medical appointments I am overcome with the feeling of missing him.

I am sitting here on my couch with the cat in the dark listening to Norah Jones on YouTube.

YouTube - Norah Jones - Those Sweet Words

Pathetic, I know, but I miss my husband.

Hearing his sweet words over the phone twice a day every day this past week has been wonderful and all, but I miss my husband.

I miss his physicality, the facial expressions and other gestures that accompany those sweet words, being able to hold his hand or have him rest his chin on the top of my head when we hug (one foot height difference).

I wanted to watch our wedding video (more patheticness, but I mi... you know the rest), but the dvd player isn't set up so I settled for looking at wedding photos.

The day we said the sweet words that made us each other's for eternity:

Ok, feeling better. Off to make chocolate vegan cupcakes and a "Welcome Home" banner, because, guess what, my husband is coming home tomorrow. How's that for Sweet Words? <3

* photos courtesy of A Better Sound

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