Monday, September 22, 2008

Marvelous Mo'Nie'day

Though I did not write last night, I did remind myself of the things I was grateful for while drifting off to sleep. Tonight I am thankful for rest, inspiration, intellect, fuzzy blankets, tomatoes, beauty through and through, a way with words, catching the 9:15 bus home from school, the opportunity to finish my college degree, the support of my husband, kisses and hugs, health, a clean and cozy home, kitty talk (me-ow mroww me-ow purrrrrrrr), imagination, new friends, building an understanding of Math and its origins, making others smile, common courtesy, creative culinary skills, towels fresh from the dryer, plaid lined with hot pink raincoat, having an elastic in the bottom of my purse when I needed it, upfront and honest communication, gentlemen holding doors open for me, insight, prayer, logic, courage, blogger friends, time to read for pleasure, hot shower lit only by rays of sunshine, desire, time with my girlfriends to look forward to, husband's pride over the roast he cooked himself for dinner, opportunities offered to my hardworking husband by his bosses, stained glass windows, privacy, partnership, enthusiasm, stick-to-itiveness, lucky pennies, hope, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Prayers and positivity to Nie and Christian & family.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite <3

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